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On November 10. 2022, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board adopted a Master Plan for Outdoor Racket Court Facilities(PDF, 1MB).

Racket Sports like pickleball or tennis can be played indoors or outside in our beautiful parks. Two of the most popular racket sports played on public courts are pickleball and tennis. 

Tennis was originally played by striking the ball with the palm of the hand. Rackets were eventually added to the game that we know now. Rackets are an open hoop handled frame that supports tightly stretched strings and are used in tennis, badmitton, and squash.

Pickleball is a paddle sport that was created by combining elements of several other racket sports. Paddles are a solid face but may be perforated with a pattern of holes or textured and used to hit the ball similar to a wiffle ball. A pickleball court is similar to badminton, with a net similar to tennis, and the paddles are similar to those in table tennis.  


Pickleball is a game for all ages and is a mix of tennis, ping-pong, and badminton.


Pickleball Lincoln Programming

Pickleball Lincoln, Inc. organizes and schedules pickleball programming at Peterson Park, Ballard Park, Eden Park, Henry Park, Roberts Park, Densmore Park, and Seng Park at University Place. For the Programming Schedule at these locations, click here. During the time frames identified in the Programming Schedule, the dual use court(s) at these parks are reserved for pickleball play.  The public is welcome to participate in this programming.

Special Use Permits at Dedicated Pickleball Courts

At the  Peterson Park dedicated pickleball courts, Lincoln Parks and Recreation (LPR) will prioritize Special Use Permit applications from those entities sponsoring events for which all net proceeds are donated to either LPR or the Lincoln Parks Foundation for pickleball court development. Starting with calendar year 2025, such entities must submit dates for prioritized permits no later than the last working day of the calendar year.  By way of example, an entity seeking to reserve for a prioritized event for 2025 must submit such dates to LPR by December 31, 2024. No more than 1 Special Use Permit (up to two total days per event) will be granted per calendar month at Peterson Park.

During the spring/summer of 2024, dedicated pickleball courts will be constructed at Eden and Ballard Park.  Upon completion of these courts at Eden Park and Ballard Park, no more than 1 Special Use Permit (up to two total days per event) will be granted at each location per calendar month.  Such applications will be processed on a “first come, first serve” basis.  Starting with calendar year 2025, requests for Special Use Permits at the Eden and Ballard Park dedicated courts can be initiated on the first day of the calendar year. 


The game of tennis is played may be played individually with an opponent or doubles, two teams of two players each, with a racket and hollow rubber ball. A variation of the game was played with using the players palm of their hands instead of the racket.

Tennis backboards are a great way to introduce and practice the basics of tennis when you don't have an opponent. Learn several tennis basics using a backboard from USPTA Professional Sig Garnett. Backboards are currently available at the following parks in Lincoln, Nebraska: Peter Pan, Henry and Eden Parks, and soon to be installed at Mahoney. Videos by LNK TV Health.


Outdoor Court Locations

Tennis Courts

Dual Striped

These courts are dual striped for both tennis and pickleball.

Two pickleball courts are enclosed with a chain link fence. Behind the courts is a line of large evergreen trees.

Dedicated Pickleball Courts


Indoor Courts Locations

Call the recreation center for court times and fees for use. Please note that some locations offer court time in the fall, winter, and spring when their programming is not actively in the gymnasium.

Air Park Community Center
4900 Mike Scholl Street

Calvert Recreation Center
4500 Stockwell Street

Easterday Recreation Center
6130 Adams Street

Woods Tennis Center
401 S 33rd Street

About Woods Tennis Center

Beginning in 2008, Woods Tennis Center has offered affordable lessons for children and community members at our home base in Woods Park. Since then, their programs include city recreation centers, public parks and schools, local nonprofit organizations, and the Lincoln Community Learning Centers across Lincoln and the surrounding areas. Our community outreach programming provides quality coaching and equipment with research-based curriculum. Woods also offers several partial and full scholarships to children from these centers who set themselves apart in their dedication to and love for the sport to join us at our facility.

Woods Tennis Center is also proud to be a good neighbor and community organization. When courts are available, we provide racquets and free court time to residents of the surrounding neighborhoods who wish to utilize our facility.


Map of courts

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Outdoor Racket Court Facilities Master Plan