Development Review

The Development Review Division manages several hundred land development applications in the City and County each year. We also respond to thousands of inquiries from citizens on how they or their neighbors can use their land under city and county regulations while regularly reviewing and updating the applicable codes.

Some applications involve requests to change a property's zoning designation. Zoning governs the uses, density, parking, signage, and other characteristics of land use. Zoning rules help the City and County coordinate plans for roads, utilities, and other community facilities to assure development is compatible with surrounding properties. The Development Review Division also processes requests for special permits to allow certain uses such as alcohol sales, cellular towers, and boarding kennels under specific conditions.

Another major responsibility of this Division is coordinating the review of subdivision plans. These plans show how land will be divided into lots for the construction of homes and businesses. The review is to ensure that roads and public utilities meet minimum design standards, drainage issues are resolved, and the subdivision includes logical connections to the surrounding area.


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