Neighborhood & Homeowner Associations

A Neighborhood Association is a group of neighbors who get together, share ideas and work cooperatively to make their neighborhood a better place to live. Membership in a Neighborhood Association is voluntary and open to anyone who lives in the area.

In contrast, Homeowners Associations require homeowners to be members as a part of a covenant included in their purchase agreement. Non-homeowners in the area (renters, for example) are excluded. Usually a Homeowners Association is set up by the subdivision developer to provide maintenance fees for common areas.

The Urban Development Department registers and maintains contact information for Neighborhood Associations, and shares that information with the Planning Department. The Planning Department maintains contact information for Homeowners Associations which have agreed to share their information with us. We use the contact information for both types of associations to notify them of public hearings for proposed developments within 1/2 mile of their boundaries. This information also enables other local departments and agencies, as well as prospective developers, to make contact with affected neighborhoods about their projects and programs. The interactive web mapping application at the bottom of this page allows you to identify the association boundaries and contact information for both types of associations.

To add your association to the map and contact list, send the name of the association, the contact person's name, address, telephone number and email address, and a legal description or boundaries of the association to Use this same address to report any updates to the contact information for your already listed association.

Use the map below to locate or search for a Neighborhood Association or Homeowners Association. Neighborhood Associations are identified in gray, and Homeowners Associations are identified in red. To search for an Association, enter the Association name or an address in the search window. At the completion of the search, click on the map for Association information. Or navigate the map and click on the desired Association.