Sectional Plat Maps

Follow the instructions below to download/open a printable sectional map:

  1. Find the desired section by one of the two following methods. Both methods will return a popup listing the section selected, along with a link to download the Sectional Plat Map.
    • Enter a Section-Township-Range (33-10-06 format) or an address in the search window.
    • Navigate the map and click in the desired location.
  2. In the popup you will be given a link to a Printable Sectional Map compiled and maintained by the Planning Department. These maps contain map layers and data created by multiple departments/agencies within the City of Lincoln/Lancaster County. See the following text for a general description of the maps and associated layers. Sectional Plat Maps are available for all of Lancaster County on a 1 square mile grid. The Sectional Plat Maps provided by the Planning Department contain information related to City Zoning, County Zoning, Special Building Districts, Corporate/Village Limits, Aerial Photos, and Legal Lot Boundaries.

    If you are interested in the Sectional Plat Maps made available by the Lancaster County Engineer, please use the search tool provided here.

  3. *Some files are fairly large and may take some time to download on a slower connection.*
  4. DISCLAIMER: All drawing and measuring capabilities provided are for approximate use only. They are not intended to be construed as survey accurate in any manner.