Public Participation Plan Update

About the MPO

The City of Lincoln is the federally recognized Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Lincoln Metropolitan Area serving Lincoln and Lancaster County to carry out transportation planning and decision-making. The MPO coordinates the planning activities of transportation-related agencies and adopts long range plans to guide transportation investment decisions.

Plan Update

MPOs are required to develop and use a documented public participation plan that defines a process for stakeholders to be involved in the metropolitan planning process. The Lincoln MPO Public Participation Plan (PPP) is a proactive process which seeks to provide complete information, timely public notice, full public access to key decisions, and the early and continuous involvement of the public in the development of transportation plans and programs.  The PPP identifies strategies and tools for garnering public input. 

The plan update considers new methods of public involvement, particularly for enhanced visualization techniques and virtual public involvement; ways to better seek out and serve the needs of those traditionally underserved by the transportation system; new ways of measuring successful public participation activities; updates the plan to reflect the MPO’s current processes; and improves the plan’s readability. The PPP will utilize an equitable civic process regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, country of origin, religion, age, economic status, or zip code. 
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Process & Schedule

The anticipated process and schedule for the PPP update is outlined below. A 30-day solicitation of public input was held in July 2023 that included outreach to a broad range of community stakeholders and a survey.  Thank you to everyone who completed the survey!  The Draft PPP was made available for a 45-day public comment period during October and November 2023. A Final Draft will be published for hearing and action at the MPO Technical and Officials Committees on January 4, 2024 and February 16, 2024, respectively.  


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ACCOMMODATION NOTICE: The City of Lincoln complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 guidelines. Ensuring the public’s access to and participating in public meetings is a priority for the City of Lincoln. In the event you are in need of a reasonable accommodation in order to attend or participate in a public meeting conducted by the City of Lincoln, please contact the Lincoln Commission on Human Rights at 402-441-7624, or the City Ombudsman at 402-441-7511, as soon as possible before the scheduled meeting date in order to make your request. If information is needed in another language, please contact