Department Policies

The Lincoln Police Department is committed to being open and transparent with our community. With that commitment in mind, we have posted links to our written directives. All LPD policies are subject to annual review and revision. While most are posted in their entirety, some policies contain strategic or tactical information used in law enforcement training, investigative instruction and sensitive material that could jeopardize public safety or impede officers' ability to respond to critical incidents. Those policies remain confidential. 

Written directives of the Lincoln Police Department are for internal use to provide guidance for employees. These policies do not enlarge an employee's civil or criminal liability in any way. They should not be construed as creating a higher standard of safety or care in an evidentiary sense, with respect to third party claims. Violations of written directives, if proven, can only form the basis of a complaint by this department, and then only in a non-judicial administrative setting.

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Data Security; Restricted Use 1405
Recognition and Awards 1410(PDF, 115KB)
Performance Evaluation 1415(PDF, 108KB)
Standards of Conduct 1420(PDF, 140KB)
Code of Ethics 1425(PDF, 49KB)
Internal Investigations 1430(PDF, 142KB)
Citizen Police Advisory Board 1435(PDF, 53KB)
Disciplinary Action 1440(PDF, 115KB)
Early Warning Tracking System 1445(PDF, 103KB)
Personal Appearance Standards 1450(PDF, 125KB)
Outside Employment 1460(PDF, 122KB)
Off-Duty Law Enforcement Action 1470
Court Appearances 1480(PDF, 108KB)
Unlawful or Improper Bias in Public Safety  1490(PDF, 107KB)
Social Media 1495
Crime Scene Investigation 1710
Follow-Up Investigation 1715
Forgery Investigation 1716
Juvenile Law Violations 1720
Child Abuse Investigation 1725
Child Sexual Assault Investigation 1726
Missing Persons 1730
Hate Crime Investigation 1735(PDF, 102KB)
Death Investigation 1740
Precision Location Information 1745
Informants 1750
Investigative Funds 1755
Search Warrants 1760
Pawnshops and Stolen Property 1765
Suspect Identification and Interrogation 1770
Electronic Evidence & Crimestoppers 1771(PDF, 126KB)
Interpreters 1775(PDF, 105KB)
Polygraph Examination 1780
Liquor License Investigation 1790
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