O Street Traffic Enforcement Results | Summer 2021

Published on October 13, 2021

In an effort to help reduce traffic accidents and promote motor vehicle safety, the Lincoln Police Department conducted a high visibility traffic enforcement detail on O Street between 17th and 98th Streets from July 14 through August 19, 2021. The NDOT-Office of Highway Safety provided overtime funding for increased enforcement during this detail.

Total Citations, Warnings, Arrests 165
Speeding Citations 32
Speeding Warnings 7
Seatbelt Citations 14
Seatbelt Warnings 11
No Insurance Citations 9
No Insurance Warnings 8
No Valid Registration Citations 17
No Valid Registration Warnings 11
Unnecessary Noise Violations 3
Other Traffic Violation Citations 9
Other Traffic Violation Warnings 38
Driving Under Suspension 1
Criminal Citations 1
Narcotics Citations 4
Total Traffic Citizen Contacts 98