City of Lincoln
What is the Process?

Complaint calls/e-mails are taken for snow on sidewalks during the winter season.  Once a complaint is received, an inspector will look at the address in question within two days of receiving the complaint.  If the said address is in violation of the Lincoln Municipal Code, a door hanger will be left at the address or a letter will be sent to the property owner.  This will all depend on whether the address in question is an apartment building, owned by a person not currently residing at the address, etc.  If a door hanger is left, they will have until the following day to comply.  If a letter is sent, they will be given two days from the day the letter is sent ultimately only giving the property owner one day to comply.

If the property owner does not comply, the City will hire a contractor to remove the snow and ice from the sidewalk in violation and all costs will be assessed to the property owner.