City of Lincoln
14.92.040 Snow, Ice, and Refuse Matter in Public Right-of-way

It shall be unlawful for any person to throw, cast, drop, place, deposit, or cause to be thrown, cast, dropped, placed, or deposited on any sidewalk, street, alley, or other public way any water, grass, leaves, branches, hay, straw, paper, parings, ashes, sand, mulch, non-organic mulch as defined in Section 14.80.020, or other refuse or debris in any public way or place except as provided in Section 14.80.140 or with permission from the Department of Public Works and Utilities. Furthermore, no person shall stack, mound, or otherwise place snow or ice, or cause snow or ice to be stacked, mounded, or otherwise placed in any street, highway, alley, roadway, right-of-way, or sidewalk. (Ord. 18173 §3; May 12, 2003: prior Ord. 16951 §138; March 11, 1996: Ord. 15656 § 4; July 9, 1990: P.C. § 9.68.085: Ord. 13094 § 1; February 17, 1981).

Chapter 14.92