City of Lincoln
14.80.040 Construction of Sidewalks; Insurance

The construction of all sidewalks shall be under the supervision of the Director of Public Works and Utilities; and no sidewalk shall be constructed, altered, or repaired until an application for a sidewalk construction permit has been filed with the Director of Public Works and Utilities, together with the appropriate permit fee, and a permit therefor has been issued by the Director. The amount of the permit fee shall be determined by reference to the schedule of costs approved by the resolution of the City Council, which schedule of costs shall be subject to annual review. Any contractor making application for a sidewalk construction permit shall, as a part of the application be required to:
(a) At all times maintain public liability insurance in the form of a commercial or comprehensive general liability policy, or an acceptable substitute policy form as permitted by the City Attorney, with a minimum combined single limit of $500,000.00 aggregate for any one occurrence. The coverages required herein shall be subject to review and approval by the City Attorney for conformance with the provisions of this section;
(b) At all times keep on file with the City Clerk a current certificate of insurance signed by a qualified agent of an insurance company licensed to do business in the State of Nebraska and approved by the City Attorney for conformance with the provisions of this section evidencing the existence of valid and effective policies of insurance naming the city as an additional insured for the coverage required by subsection (a) of this section, the limits of each policy, the policy number, the name of the insurer, the effective date and expiration date of each policy, the deductibles or self-insurance retainers of each policy, and a copy of an endorsement placed on each policy requiring thirty day's notice by mail to the City Clerk before the insurer may cancel the policy for any reason, and upon request of the City Clerk or the City Attorney, a copy of any endorsements placed on such policies or the declarations page of such policies. Any termination, reduction or lapse of such insurance shall automatically revoke any permit issued hereunder.
Except as permitted under Section 14.80.020, all sidewalks shall be constructed of portland cement concrete, or other materials approved by the Director of Public Works and Utilities. The Department of Public Works and Utilities may reject the use of any materials that do not comply with such requirements or specifications, or any material that is lacking in quality, and it shall be unlawful to construct any sidewalks from any material so rejected.
It shall be unlawful to relay any existing brick or concrete sidewalk without first obtaining a permit therefor in the same manner as provided herein for original construction. (Ord. 16951 §133; March 11, 1996: P.C. §14.80.030: Ord. 15654 §15; July 9, 1990: Ord. 15117 § 2; March 6, 1989: Ord. 14662 § 2; May 11, 1987: Ord. 13391 § 2; June 1, 1982: Ord. 3489 § 39-103, as amended by Ord. 3831; August 4, 1941).

Chapter 14.80