City of Lincoln
10.12.070 Other Intersections Where Stop or Yield Right-of-Way Required

The Director of Public Works and Utilities is hereby authorized to determine and designate intersections where particular hazard exists upon other than arterial streets and to determine:

(a) That vehicles shall stop at one or more entrances to any such intersection, in which event said Director shall place a stop sign at such entrances, or

(b) That vehicles shall yield the right-of-way to vehicles on a different street at such intersection as prescribed in paragraph (a) of Section 10.14.020, in which event the Director of Public Works and Utilities shall cause to be erected a yield right-of-way sign at every place where obedience thereto is required. (Ord. 16951 §61; March 11, 1996: prior Ord. 15633 §7; July 9, 1990: P.C. §10.24.080: Ord. 7900 §2; October 15, 1962).

Chapter 10.12