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Facilities are broken up into several types. To view the facilites and prices click one:

  • Enclosed Shelter Calendar
    These facilities are fully enclosed buildings with electricity and restrooms. Great year round events!
    Minimum rental period is 4 hours.
  • Master Table Calendar
    Large picnic style tables that are not covered. Perfect for reunions and picnics!
    Minimum rental period is 6 hours.
  • Open Shelter Calendar
    These structures are open to enjoy the park atmosphere. Perfect for Spring-Fall events!
    Minimum rental period is 6 hours.
  • Special Use Venue Calendar
    These venues are for concerts and other special use events. For more information, call (402) 441-7847.
    Minimum rental period is 4 hours.
  • Wedding Calendar
    Take a fresh approach to your wedding and get married in a park. Nothing beats a natural setting and plenty of sunshine. For information on weddings at golf courses, contact (402) 441-8960.
    Minimum rental period is 3 hours.


Facilities are found in different parks/location. To view the facilites select one:

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