Forms & Permits


Alarm Registration
Amusement License
Animal License Application 131K
Apartment Permit Application (Change Owner) * 45K
Apartment Permit Application (New Construction) * 47K
Auctioneers License Application 16K


Backflow Prevention Program
Backflow Preventer Test Form * 72K
Cross Connection Survey - Commercial * 221K
Cross Connection Survey - Residential * 143K
Grade VI Registration Form * 190K
Variance for Non-Residential Backflow Prev. & Bypass Piping 19K
Block Parties
Board of Zoning Appeals - City of Lincoln * 91K
Board of Zoning Appeals - Lancaster County * 115K
Building Permit Application * 259K


Cable Channel Usage Application
Carnival, Fair or Festival Application * 142K
Certificate of Compliance Requirements * 209K
Application Form * 229K
Change of Address Application * 293K
Citizen Police Academy
City & County Employment Application Form
City Advisory Board Application
Claim for Travel Expenditure 62K
Consent Form for Minor to Marry 4K
Construction Codes Board of Appeals * 184K
Contract for Architectural Services * 44K
Contract for Construction Design Services - Architects * 73K
Contract for Construction Design Services - Engineers * 72K
Contract for Engineering Services * 44K
Contractor Account Application/Request * 123K
Curb Cut Application * 46K


Demolition Permit Application * 94K
Direct Deposit Enrollment for Outside Vendors


Electrical Permit Application - Licensed Contractors * 135K
Electrical Permit Application - Non-Licensed/Homeowner * 172K
Electrical Registration Renewal * 247K
Entertainment District Application 52K


Film Permit 43K
Financial Report for Solicitation 9K
Fire Alarm System Permit Application * 118K
Fire Registration Renewal * 74K
Fire Sprinkler Journeyman Exam Application * 181K
Fire Suppression Apprentice Registration Application * 27K
Fireworks Sale Application * 255K
Flood Plain Development Permit Application * 58K
Food Handler
Formal Ornamental Lighting Petition with Waiver of Damages 9K
Formal Paving Petition, with Waiver of Damages 9K


Gas Extinguishing System Permit Application * 146K
Gas Fitter Registration Application * 26K
Golf Courses Event Application * 58K
Golf Membership Application, Annual * 26K


Height Permit Application * 130K
Hobbyist Permit Application 14K
House Moving Application * 33K
Housing Advisory and Appeals Board * 101K
HVAC Continuing Education Form * 129K
HVAC Tradesperson Registration Renewal Form * 144K


Impact Fees
Impact Fees Determination Forms
Low Income, Owner-Occupied Exemption Refund Form
Install Aboveground Petroleum Tanks Application * 260K
Install Underground Petroleum Tanks Application * 380K
Installation of CSST Tubing Application * 133K


Lanscape Surety Release * 134K
Lighting Review Form * 365K
Liquefied Petroleum Gases - Tanks & Cylinders Permit * 346K
Local Street Painted Art Application * 121K
Locksmith License
Logical Rural Address Application * 21K
Lottery / Raffle Application 45K
Lottery / Raffle Tax Report Form 36K
LWS - Water Meter Audit *


Marriage License Worksheet * 63K
Marriage License, Certified *
Mechanical Amusement Device Permit & Occ. Tax Paid 45K
Mechanical DECO Fireplace/Gaslog Registration Renewal Form * 248K
Mechanical HVAC Apprentice Registration Application * 74K
Mechanical Journeyman Exam Application * 556K
Mechanical Master Exam Application * 596K
Mechanical Permit - Homeowner * 407K
Mechanical/Gas Piping Permit - Contractors * 402K
Meterhood Permit Application * 151K
Miscellaneous Fees Permit * 365K
Mobile Home Court Application 31K
Mobile Home Placement & Hook-up Permit Application * 86K
Motor Vehicle Rental Tax Form 16K


Nebraska Energy Code Certification * 288K
Newsrack(s) Permit 31K
Development Sites One Acre or Greater
INOI/Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan for Individual Lot
Non-Abutting Water or Sewer Application * 26K
Non-Emergency Traffic Signal Maintenance Request Form *


Outdoor Lighting Certification Application * 248K
Over Dimensional Permit Application * 39K


Parade Permit 38K
Park Shelter & Master Table Reservations 23K
Parking Application Forms
Parking Lot Lighting Review Form * 365K
Parking Meter Hooding Application Form * 497K
Pawnbroker's License 22K
Permanently Close Underground Storage Tanks Application * 276K
Planning Application Tracking Service
Planning Commission Appeal * 152K
Plumber's Apprentice Registration Application * 32K
Plumber's Journeyman Application * 249K
Plumber's Master Exam Application * 249K
Plumbing Continuing Education Form * 15K
Plumbing Homeowner Verification & Plumbing Permit * 404K
Plumbing Registration Form * 281K
Plumbing/Gas Piping/Excavation Permit - Contractors * 315K
Possess, Manufacture, Store, Sell, or Use Explosives Permit * 175K
Pre-Registration Tax Sale Form 27K
Property Valuation Protest Fill-In Form
Public Dance
Public Dance, Annually 31K
Public Dance, One-Time 33K
Public Dance, Teenage Annually 38K
Public Dance, Teenage One-Time 44K
Public Display of Fireworks & Insurance/Bond Requirement * 235K
Pyrotechnic Display Application & Insurance/Bond Requirement * 202K


Report A Pothole *
Request For Reasonable Accommodation To Housing 29K
Review Requested Application * 231K
Routine Ambulance App 44K


Second Hand Jewelry Permit Application 30K
Sidewalk Cafe Permit Application 44K
Sidewalk Permit Application * 638K
Sidewalk Vendor Permit 46K
Sign Contractor's Registration Form * 639K
Sign Permit Application * 55K
Solar PV Residential Requirements 639K
Special Designated License, City 191K
Special Designated License, County
Special Event Permit - County 16K
Special Event Permit, City 79K
Sprinkler/Standpipe System Permit Application * 201K
StarTran Handi-Van Program Application * 15K
ADA Description & Eligibility Criteria
Street Pole Banner
Street Pole Banner Application Form * 55K
Street Pole Banner Rules and Regulations 82K
Street Use Application * 170K


Temporary Food Service Permit 90K
Temporary Guide Sign Permit 84K
Tent Permit with Checklist * 142K
Tobacco License Application, City 22K
Tobacco License Application, County


Vacation of a Street, Alley or Public Road (County) 33K
Vending Machine Application 31K
Volunteer Application Form 41K
Volunteer Work


Wastewater Connection Permit Application * 107K
Water Automatic Bank Pay - Start * 52K
Water Automatic Bank Pay - Stop * 102K
Water Service Third Party Notification * 49K
Water Supply Permit Application * 162K
Wedding Reservations 16K
Weed Complaint Form
Wet/Dry Chemical Extinguishing System Permit * 112K
Wholesale Vendor - Vending Machine Application 11K
Fill-In Form * 96K

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