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Pioneers Park Nature Center Programs & Events (28)
 Sub TitleLocBeg DtTimeEnd DtTimeDOWDurFeeAvail.
Details Girl Scouts: Wildflower WondersPPNC9/8/1810:00 AM9/8/1812:00 PM S2H13.0025
Details Composting WorkshopPPNC9/15/1810:00 AM9/15/1811:00 AM S1H0.0020
Details Wild Wagon Ride Saturday!PPNC9/22/1811:30 AM9/22/184:00 PM S4H4.00240
Details 11:30AM RIDE - Wild Wagon Ride Saturday! PPNC9/22/1811:30 AM9/22/1812:00 PM S4H4.0024
Details 12:00PM RIDE - Wild Wagon Ride Saturday! PPNC9/22/1812:00 PM9/22/1812:30 PM S4H4.0024
Details 12:30PM RIDE - Wild Wagon Ride Saturday! PPNC9/22/1812:30 PM9/22/181:00 PM S4H4.0024
Details 1:00PM RIDE - Wild Wagon Ride Saturday! PPNC9/22/181:00 PM9/22/181:30 PM S4H4.0024
Details 1:30PM RIDE - Wild Wagon Ride Saturday! PPNC9/22/181:30 PM9/22/182:00 PM S4H4.0022
Details 2:00PM RIDE - Wild Wagon Ride Saturday!PPNC9/22/182:00 PM9/22/182:30 PM S4H4.0024
Details 2:30PM RIDE - Wild Wagon Ride Saturday!PPNC9/22/182:30 PM9/22/183:00 PM S4H4.0024
Details 3:00PM RIDE - Wild Wagon Ride Saturday!PPNC9/22/183:00 PM9/22/183:30 PM S4H4.0024
Details 3:30PM RIDE - Wild Wagon Ride Saturday!PPNC9/22/183:30 PM9/22/184:00 PM S4H4.0024
Details 4:00PM RIDE - Wild Wagon Ride Saturday!PPNC9/22/184:00 PM9/22/184:30 PM S4H4.0024
Details Private Hayrack (Wagon) RidesPPNC9/22/186:00 PM11/2/189:00 PMS FS1.5215.0060
Details Fall Fun Day - Friday onlyPPNC10/12/188:30 AM10/12/185:00 PM F 1D40.0021
Details Fall Harvest: Seed CollectionPPNC10/13/189:00 AM10/13/1811:00 AM S2H0.00999
Details Composting WorkshopPPNC10/13/1810:00 AM10/13/1811:00 AM S1H0.0020
Details Saturday with Our NaturalistPPNC10/20/182:00 PM10/20/183:00 PM S1H5.0030
Details Night HikePPNC10/26/187:30 PM10/26/189:00 PM F 1.58.5030
Details Prairie RunPPNC11/3/189:00 AM11/3/1811:00 AM S3H0.00999
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