Department Philosophy

We believe this philosophy should be carried on to our customers, the citizens and contractors we serve. We believe that teamwork is the basis for our success. In order for a team to be successful, each team member must truly respect each other, and be committed to the mission of this department.

Values & Beliefs

Protection of the citizens of Lincoln is our main concern. We believe in the education and promotion of construction, fire, zoning & housing codes and in telling people how they can complete a project. Consistent enforcement of ordinances is required.
Innovation and change
are necessary to maintain the quality and efficiency of our programs. Employees are encouraged to contribute new ideas in an effort to improve.
Continued education
through in-service training, seminars and classes is essential to stay current with the industry and to properly inform the public.
A high ethical standard will be maintained by this Department in all our relationships.
A positive attitude is important for our effectiveness. We can choose and control our attitudes.