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City of Lincoln
Accounting Division

2009 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)


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2009 CAFR (entire report) (5.78MB)

CAFR By Section

Cover and Title Page (351K)
Introductory Section (952K)
Independent Auditors' Report (425K)
Management's Discussion And Analysis (348K)
Basic Financial Statements (479K)
Notes To The Financial Statements (958K)
Required Supplemental Information (102K)

Combining And Individual Fund Statements And Schedules
Nonmajor Governmental Combining (78K)
Nonmajor Special Revenue Subcombining (175K)
Nonmajor Debt Service Subcombining (132K)
Nonmajor Capital Projects Subcombining (138K)
Nonmajor Permanent Combining (124K)
Budget And Actual (525K)
Nonmajor Enterprise Combining (151K)
Internal Service Combining (180K)
Agency Funds Combining (140K)

Statistical Section (744K)
Single Audit Section (843K)