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Accounting Division

Payment Inquiries

Payment inquiries should begin with the accounts payable of the department/division with which you did business to make sure they have processed your payment. If they have forwarded your invoice to Accounting you can contact the following individuals to check the status of your payment.

If you conducted business with City Council, Parks, Information Services, Personnel, Public Works & Utilities (including StarTran, Water, Wastewater, Sanitary Landfill, Maintenance, Fleet Services, Engineering & Business Office), Building & Safety, Risk Mgmt, or Finance please contact Barb Ring at 402-441-7478.

If you conducted business with Fire, Planning, Police, Health, Aging, Mayor, Citizens Information Center, Human Rights, Women's Commission, or Library please contact Kurt Wilson at 402-441-7418.

If you conducted business with Urban Development, Real Estate, Parking, One Stop Employment, or Law please contact Michele Maly at 402-441-7419.

Accounts Payable