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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Where is the Finance Department located?
    • In the City-County building at 555 S 10th Street, we are located on the First floor.
  2. What are the responsiblities of this Finance Department
    • The department is responsible for appropriation, collection, investment and disbursement of City funds and administrates information services and emergency communications functions. The department assists the mayor in the development of the annual budget and prepares all City bond issues.
  3. Are there any other divisions within this department?
    • Divisions in the department are: City Treasurer, Budget, Purchasing, Auditing & Accounting, City Clerk, Communications, Information Services.
  4. What are the responsiblities of the divisions?
    • City Treasurer
    • Budget
    • Purchasing
    • Auditing & Accounting
    • City Clerk
    • Communications is the 911 Emergency Phone Center for Lincoln and Lancaster County.
    • Information Services coordinates computer needs and provides support for both the City and Lancaster County.