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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is Lincoln Fire & Rescue's Administration Located?
1801 Q' Street, 2nd Floor

How do I become a Lincoln Fire & Rescue intern?

How do I obtain information from Lincoln Fire & Rescue after a fire has occurred that affected my property?
Call Lincoln Fire & Rescue for an incident report. Call (402) 441-7363

Is there a fee for the fire report?
No, incident reports can be requested by phone at (402) 441-7363, and can be faxed or mailed.

How do I file a claim for damage caused by Lincoln Fire & Rescue?
All claims for damage must be submitted in writing to the City Attorney at 555 So. 10th.

Where is the closest Fire Station to my home?
All of the Fire Station's can be located on the Fire Stations & Vehicles page.

What is shift rotation scheme used for LF&R employees?
The Lincoln Fire & Rescue Department emergency services employees work a 24 hour tour of duty. Personnel are organized into 3 groups (platoons) called shifts, "A, B and C". While "A" shift is working "B" shift is off duty for the 24 hours, and "C" shift is on Kelly days. This cycle begins on a Wednesday every 21 days and never ends. "A" shift will work 24 hours on duty and 24 hours off duty for 7 days (every other day for 14 days). "A" shift will then go on Kelly days, which are 8 days off in which no duty shifts are worked. At that time, "B" shift will alternate with "C" shift, until the "B" shift has worked 7 shifts. Then "B" shift will go on Kelly days and "A" shift will alternate with "C" shift. During the 42 day cycle, employees working this cycle average 56 hours on duty each week.

The Kelly day system has been the duty shift worked by Lincoln Fire & Rescue since the 3 platoon system was adopted in the late 1950's. The name "Kelly Days" has been attributed to the person that created this work schedule, but no real reason is known today.

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