Fireworks Debris Prevention Program


The 4th of July - a time for parades, backyard barbecues and of course, fireworks. With the focus on fun, an important part of the celebration often gets forgotten. Every year following Independence Day, Lincoln and other Lancaster County communities are littered with fireworks debris. This summer Keep Lincoln & Lancaster County Beautiful (KLLCB) encourages residents to be responsible community members with one simple request: start with a boom, end with a broom.

For a Clean Community

Preventing litter is essential to a clean, healthy and safe community. Litter tends to accumulate in places that are already littered, and in littered communities property values go down, crime rates go up and businesses stay away. Local governments spend millions each year keeping communities clean.

For a Healthy Environment

Litter is harmful to the natural environment. Left unattended, it can be washed down storm drains and into streams, rivers and lakes. This makes our natural areas look bad and can harm wildlife. Fireworks in particular are made from several potentially harmful substances, including gunpowder and various metallic compounds. These substances can pollute air, water and soil

To Be a Good Neighbor

Cleaning up your litter is also part of being a good neighbor. Litter rarely stays in one place and someone else may get stuck cleaning up your mess.

Here’s a few helpful tips for cleaning up your fireworks debris:

  • Have the right cleanup equipment ready.
  • Allow spent fireworks to sit for several minutes - ensure fireworks are completely extinguished before approaching.
  • Use a broom to sweep up debris.
  • As a final precaution, temporarily place in a metal bucket or a bucket with sand or water.
  • Place cool fireworks in regular trash for disposal.

Unused or unwanted fireworks can be brought to a “no questions asked” drop off at Oak Lake Park for free disposal on July 5th from 10am-1pm.

What We’re Doing: KLLCB is working with community partners to get fireworks debris cleaned up this 4th of July. We’ll be working with neighborhoods, County villages, local media and fireworks retailers to remind residents to clean up, support community cleanups and conduct surveys to determine the extent of the fireworks debris problem.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY:: Help clean up after the largest 4th of July celebration in Lincoln, the Uncle Sam Jam. The annual Oak Lake Cleanup is scheduled for July 5th at 10am. For more information or to volunteer contact KLLCB at 402-441-8035 or

Know the law. Click here to view fireworks regulations for the City of Lincoln