KLLCB has several programs that help keep our community clean, healthy and safe. For more information on how to participate in any of the programs listed below, please contact the KLLCB office.

Great American Cleanup:

The Great American Cleanup (GAC), a program of Keep America Beautiful, is the nation's largest community improvement program with about four million volunteers participating in more than 20,000 communities across the country. The GAC encourages residents to become involved in their community and help build a sense of pride and ownership around their local environment.

March through May of each year KLLCB organizes and supports cleanup projects throughout Lancaster County. Businesses, community organizations, families, clubs and individuals are encouraged to conduct litter cleanups in public spaces. To be a part of the Great American Cleanup visit our volunteer page.

International Coastal Cleanup (ICC):

Every September and October hundreds of volunteers in Lincoln and Lancaster County donate their time to keep local waterways clean, healthy and safe. As part of the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) program, KLLCB organizes volunteers to remove litter and debris from local streams, rivers and lakes. To learn how you can be a part of this program visit our ICC page.

Storm Water Awareness Program (SWAP):

Through the SWAP program KLLCB organizes volunteers to mark storm drains with “No Dumping – Drains to Creek” markers. These markers remind residents that litter, chemicals and other pollutants picked up by rainwater runoff does not go into a wastewater treatment plant, but directly into our natural environment. To learn how you can be a part of this program visit our SWAP page.

Brush Disposal Program:

Coupons are available to residents through KLLCB that allow free disposal of one load of brush/tree limbs to the North 48th Street Transfer Station. Contact the KLLCB office for information on obtaining brush coupons.

Illegal Dumping:

Every year KLLCB spends thousands of dollars to clean up tires, furniture, construction debris, garbage and other materials illegally dumped by residents. Legal disposal options for all of the items commonly cleaned up by KLLCB can be found in the City’s Waste Reduction & Recycling Guide.

What can you do? Report illegal dumping acts in progress. If you are in the City of Lincoln CALL the Lincoln Police Department at (402) 441-6000. Outside City limits CALL the Sheriff's Department at (402) 441-6500. If you come across an illegal dump site, report it to the Police, Sherriff, or call the Health Department at (402) 441-8022.

Litter Prevention for Businesses:

KLLCB works with local businesses to encourage them to keep their parking lots, sidewalks, curbs and gutters free of litter, weeds and other debris. A checklist is available for businesses that contains strategies and tips to help reduce litter and keep a clean storefront. Of particular concern to businesses is cigarette litter. Cigarettes are the most frequently littered item, with an estimated 4.5 trillion non-biodegradable cigarette butts littered worldwide every year. Cigarette litter not only creates an unsightly storefront- the toxic residue in cigarette filters is damaging to the environment. KLLCB’s business checklist provides techniques to help reduce cigarette litter. For more information about cigarette litter, visit Keep America Beautiful

Click here to download the Litter-Free Business Checklist. If you need additional assistance keeping your business clean and litter free, contact the KLLCB office.

Fireworks Debris Prevention:

Through the Fireworks Debris Prevention program, KLLCB works to prevent fireworks litter by encouraging residents to clean up after their holiday celebrations. To learn how to prevent fireworks debris in your neighborhood, visit our Fireworks Debris Prevention page.