2011 Media Releases

October 27, 2011
For More Information Contact:
Dan N. King, Environmental Health Specialist, 402-441-8084
Laurel Erickson, Environmental Educator, 402-441-8035

Last Household Hazardous Waste Collection for 2011

As you wrap up your fall home and garden projects, the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department encourages you to store hazardous household products safely: avoid temperatures extremes, and keep them in their original containers, tightly sealed, away from children or pets.

If you have unwanted products or outdated chemicals that you need to safely dispose of, you may bring them to the last 2011 Household Hazardous Waste Collection on Friday, November 18. This collection for Lancaster County households only (not businesses), runs from 9 am to 1 pm, and is an appointment-only collection. Call Dan King at 402-441-8084 for an appointment and location information.

Items accepted include excess or unwanted pesticides or lawn chemicals, burned out fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) and tubes, paint thinners, stains, polishes and waxes, turpentine, oil-based paint, pool cleaning chemicals, flea and tick powders, rodent poison, charcoal starter fluids, mixed or old gasoline, mercury-containing items including thermometers, upholstery cleaners, grease removers, and brake or power steering fluids.

Do NOT bring latex paint, motor oil, gas grill cylinders, pharmaceutical waste, electronics, or batteries—these items are NOT accepted at the HHW collection, since they can be recycled or safely disposed of locally. Residents who have excess usable latex paint may take that to a Saturday, November 12, Usable Latex Paint Exchange at EcoStores Nebraska at 530 West P St. Call EcoStores for more information on that exchange: 402-477-3066.