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to responsibly deliver, enhance and maintain vital infrastructure and services for the good of our community.

Latest News

Public Reminded That Burning Yard Waste is Illegal in Lincoln (12/6/19)
Portion of "N" Street Reduced to One Lane Monday (12/6/19)
North Bottoms Street Closures Set for Saturday (12/6/19)
Portion of Saltillo Road Temporarily Closed Sunday (12/6/19)
Public Invited to Participate in StarTran Survey (12/4/19)
Portion of Adams Street to Close Tuesday and Wednesday (11/27/19)
Portion of South Cotner Boulevard to Close Monday (11/27/19)
Separation of Grass and Leaves Ends December 1 (11/27/19)
Mayor to Present October Award of Excellence (11/18/19)
17th and Washington Intersection Improvements Begin Tuesday (11/18/19)
Portion of South 27th Street to Close Monday (11/15/19)
South 48th Street to Temporarily Close Monday and Tuesday (11/15/19)
Portion of 8th Street to Temporarily Close Monday (11/14/19)
Portion of "Q" Street Reopening Today (11/13/19)
Lincoln to Celebrate America Recycles Day (11/5/19)
Free Veterans Events Set for Saturday and Monday (11/4/19)
"Q" Street Closure to Begin November 4 (10/31/19)
Public Urged to Protect Against Frozen Pipes (10/30/19)
Street Improvement Recommendations Available Online (10/29/19)
Mayor Encourages Support for Half-Marathon (10/29/19)
StarTran Ridership Increase Highest in State (10/28/19)
StarTran to Offer Free Boo at the Zoo Shuttle Service (10/22/19)
Portions of Adams and 44th Streets to Close Wednesday (10/22/19)
Portion of Van Dorn Street to Close Monday (10/18/19)
Portion of West "A" Street to Close October 16 (10/14/19)
City Kicks Off "Bin Buddies" Program on America Recycles Day (10/14/19)
Rokeby Road Now Open (10/14/19)
South Folsom and North 27 Streets Now Open (10/9/19)
StarTran Ridership Increase Highest in Region (10/9/19)
21st Street Closure to Begin October 7 (10/4/19)
Survey on Street Projects Ends October 14 (10/4/19)
Streets to Close Friday for Homecoming Parade (10/3/19)
Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event Set for October 12 (9/30/19)
Street Closures Planned Sunday for Running Event (9/27/19)
Streets to Close Monday for Asphalt Sealing Test (9/27/19)
Portion of South 70th Street to Reopen Today (9/24/19)
LTU Director Esposito Accepts Private Sector Position (9/24/19)
Two Open Houses on Streets Set for This Week (9/23/19)
Portion of Fletcher Avenue Project Rescheduled (9/23/19)
Sales Tax for Streets Goes Into Effect October 1 (9/19/19)
South Folsom Street Closure To Begin September 25 (9/19/19)
Portion of East "A" Street Now Open (9/17/19)
Mayor Encourages Public to Attend Big Weekend of Events in Capital City (9/17/19)
Two Open Houses on Streets Set for This Week (9/16/19)
First of Five Open Houses on Streets Set for Thursday (9/11/19)
Temporary Downtown Street Closures Begin Friday (9/11/19)
MoPac Trail Reopens Wednesday (9/10/19)
Portion of Adams Street to Close Wednesday (9/9/19)
Household Hazardous Waste Collection at the Village of Denton, September 6 (9/4/19)
Advisory Committee on Transportation Open Houses Set for September (9/4/19)
West Van Dorn Street Closure Begins September 9 (9/4/19)
South 70th Street and Rokeby Road Intersection to Close September 3 (8/29/19)
Household Hazardous Waste Collection at Star City Shores Saturday September 7th (8/29/19)
Capital City Ready for Gameday Traffic (8/27/19)
Portion of North 14th Street to Remain Closed Through September 13 (8/27/19)
City Committed to Maintaining HandiVan Service (8/24/19)
North 33rd Street Closure Begins Monday (8/23/19)
Portions of "A" Street and MoPac Trail to Close Wednesday (8/20/19)
Adams Street Closure Begins Monday (8/16/19)
South 27th Now Open, Four Days Ahead of Schedule (8/12/19)
North 14th Closure Begins Wednesday (8/9/19)
Advisory Committee on Transportation Begins Work (8/8/19)
Yankee Hill Closure Begins Thursday (8/7/19)
Full Closure on East "A" Street Begins Thursday (8/7/19)
Safety Improvements Planned for 17th and Washington (8/6/19)
Temporary Closures on North 27th Begin Monday (8/6/19)
Temporary Closure on ā€œNā€ Street Begins Monday (8/1/19)
Temporary Closures on North 14th Street Begin Monday (8/1/19)
Northwest 48th Street Now Open (8/1/19)
Havelock Avenue at 84th Now Open (7/30/19)
Temporary Lane Closures on South 27th Street Begin Monday (7/25/19)
Lucile Drive Closure Begins Monday (7/25/19)
Streets Near Holmes Lake Closed Sunday (7/25/19)
Railroad Crossing Repairs Will Cause Street Closures (7/25/19)
Federal Grant to Help Fund Six Electric Buses (7/24/19)
Portion of ā€œAā€ Street to Close Wednesday (7/23/19)
Lancaster Event Center Recycle Site to Close July 29 (7/22/19)
Lane Closure on "O" Street Starts Tuesday (7/22/19)
Beal Slough Sanitary Sewer Project Begins Monday (7/19/19)
North 27th Street Closure Extended to July 26 (7/19/19)
Zoofest Downtown Street Closures Begin Today (7/18/19)
Portion of Northbound North 48th Street Now Reduced to One Lane (7/17/19)
Portion of North 27th Street to Close Tuesday (7/15/19)
Sheridan Boulevard Closures Start Tuesday (7/15/19)
Portions of Two Streets to Close Starting Monday (7/12/19)
All Lanes of Rosa Parks Way Now Open (7/9/19)
Citywide Asphalt Rejuvenation Project Begins Today (7/9/19)
Portion of Rock Island Trail Now Closed (7/8/19)
Mayor Announces Advisory Transportation Committee Members (7/5/19)
Temporary Closure on "R" Street Begins Monday (7/5/19)
Temporary Closure on NW 48th Street Begins Monday (7/5/19)
Volunteers Needed for Oak Lake Cleanup July 5 (7/1/19)
Temporary Closure on West Fletcher and Highway 34 Begins Tuesday (6/28/19)
Temporary Lane Closures on "O" Street Downtown Begin Saturday (6/27/19)
Three Temporary Cardboard Recycling Sites to Close Wednesday (6/25/19)
Portion of "O" Street Now Closed (6/25/19)
Open House Set for Safety Project in N. 33rd and Cornhusker Area (6/24/19)
Temporary Lane Closure Begins Monday on North 70th Street (6/20/19)
Temporary Lane Closure Begins Monday on Cornhusker Highway (6/20/19)
Temporary Closures on Randolph Street Start June 18 (6/17/19)
Temporary Closure on Yankee Hill Road Starts June 17 (6/14/19)
Portion of "O" Street Temporarily Closed Sunday (6/14/19)
Temporary Lane Closures on Randolph Street Begin June 10 (6/6/19)
Lane Closure on Superior Street Starts June 3 (5/31/19)
Temporary Lane Closure on Randolph Street Starts June 3 (5/31/19)
Portion of "Q" Street to Close June 3 (5/31/19)
Portion of 8th Street to Temporarily Close June 3 (5/31/19)
Mayor Moves Forward on Improving Lincoln Streets (5/23/19)
Annual Water Conservation Poster Contest Winners Announced (5/17/19)
Temporary Downtown Lane Closures Begin Monday (5/16/19)
StarTran Launches New BUSLNK App (5/16/19)
Household Hazardous Waste Collection at Norris High School May 31 and Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Dept. June 1 (5/16/19)
Traffic Signal Damaged at 40th and South Street Intersection (5/12/19)
Temporary Downtown Lane Closures Begin Monday (5/9/19)
Temporary Lane Closures on Westbound "O" Street Begin Monday (5/9/19)
Portion of South 33rd Street to Temporarily Close Saturday (5/9/19)
City Announces Latest Green Light Lincoln Results (5/9/19)
Portion of N. 10th Street Downtown to Temporarily Close Tomorrow (5/7/19)
City Advises Residents on Tree Debris (5/6/19)
Portion of Vine Street on UNL City Campus to Close Monday (5/4/19)
Detour on Rosa Parks Way Bridge Begins Monday (4/26/19)
Portion of Saltillo Road to Temporarily Close April 15 (4/12/19)
City Crews Stop Wastewater Sewer Line Overflow (4/12/19)
Portions of North 27th Street to Periodically Close Monday (4/12/19)
Portion of "P" Street Downtown to Close Monday (4/12/19)
Portion of South Street to Close Today (4/12/19)
Household Hazardous Waste Collection at Star City Shores Saturday April 27th (4/12/19)
City Urges Safe Driving in Work Zones (4/10/19)
Temporary Street Closures at Railroad Crossings in Southwest Lincoln to Continue April 9 (4/9/19)
Portion of "P" Street Downtown to Close Wednesday (4/8/19)
Lincoln Welcomes Spring Game Visitors (4/5/19)
Temporary Street Closures at Railroad Crossings in Southwest Lincoln to Begin April 8 (4/5/19)
Portion of "P" Street Downtown Closed Saturday (4/5/19)
StarTran "Stuff the Bus" Event is April 6 and 7 (3/28/19)
Beutler Says Neighborhood Leader Would Co-Chair Sales Tax Committee; Neighborhood Streets to Be Focus (3/27/19)
Separation of Yard Waste Begins April 1 (3/27/19)
"K" Street Lane Closures Start Wednesday (3/26/19)
Pine Lake Road Ballfields and Park Closed During Road Construction (3/26/19)
Mayor Lifts Voluntary Water Restrictions (3/22/19)
Repairs Continue on Flood Damaged City Wells (3/21/19)
Portion of South 48th Street to Temporarily Close Friday (3/21/19)
Portion of N. 66th Street Temporarily Closed (3/20/19)
City Moves From Mandatory to Voluntary Water Restrictions (3/20/19)
Progress Continues on Repairs to City Water Production Facilities (3/19/19)
City Taking Action to Hasten Repairs of Water Production Facilities (3/18/19)
Mayor Announces Mandatory Water Restrictions (3/17/19)
Mayor Calls for Voluntary Water Conservation (3/17/19)
Lincoln Water Supply Unaffected by Flooding (3/16/19)
Mayor Signs Emergency Order to Further Safeguard City Wellfields Near Ashland (3/15/19)
Portion of Pine Lake Road to Close March 18 (3/14/19)
Portion of "A" Street Temporarily Closed (3/14/19)
Portion of Huntington and Leighton Avenues to Temporarily Close Friday (3/14/19)
City Deploys Additional Crews For Pothole Repair Surge (3/11/19)
Snowfall Exceeds Forecast (3/7/19)
Lincoln Transportation and Utilities Earns National Accreditation (3/4/19)
Evaluation Process to Continue for N. 33rd and Cornhusker Area Transportation Project (3/1/19)
Public Invited to Apply for Water Quality Landscape Funding (3/1/19)
Portion of "A" Street Temporarily Closed (2/27/19)
Open Houses Part of Plan to Educate Residents on Sales Tax Ballot Issue (2/20/19)
Portion of Arbor Road to Close Wednesday (2/12/19)
Fletcher Avenue Bridge to Close February 11 (2/8/19)
All Lanes on South 10th Street Now Open (1/31/19)
Portion of "O" Street to Temporarily Close Sunday (1/25/19)
Portion of North 48th Street Closed (1/23/19)
Sales Tax Increase Would Generate $78 Million for Streets (1/16/19)
Portion of Adams Street to Close Monday (1/11/19)
Public Input Sought on Plans for N. 33rd and Cornhusker Area (1/11/19)

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