Transportation CIP ▸ System Growth

This program component focuses on growth of new transportation system assets to be owned, maintained, and operated by Lincoln Transportation. This funding supports the administration's vision of a Vibrant City Economy and Quality of Life. The activities include program management and project development of additional streets, bridges/structures, intersections, traffic signals, active transportation infrastructure, technology enhancements, and facilities in new growth areas. Projects include new streets and transportation right-of-way improvements, new bridges and support structures, roundabouts, signal system hardware, facilities/sites, and major upgrades to the fringe area street network.

NW 48th Street

Future projects and programs include, but are not limited to:

40th from Yankee Hill to Rokeby

Paving Project

This project will pave South 40th Street from Yankee Hill Road to Rokeby Road. There are three roundabout intersections planned at Hohensee Drive, Wilderness Hills Boulevard, Prairie Wind Road and Rokeby Road.


West “A” from West City Limits to SW 23rd

Street Improvement Project

The purpose of this project is to improve the West “A” Street corridor.


Van Dorn from 84th to 91st

This project will improve Van Dorn Street between 84th Street and 91st Street to help serve 830 approved additional dwelling units and over 390,000 square feet of commercial space.

  • Start: Fall 2019
  • Completion: Summer 2020


“A” from 89th to 93rd

This project will improve “A” Street between 89th Street and 93rd Street.


Rokeby from 31st to 40th

This project will pave Rokeby Road from 31st to 40th Streets.


Rokeby from 77th to 84th

This project will pave Rokeby Road from 77th Street to 84th Street.


Yankee Hill from 40th to 48th

This project will pave Yankee Hill Road from South 40th Street to South 48th Street.


W Holdrege from NW 48th to NW 56th

This project will pave West Holdrege from NW 56th to NW 48th Streets.


98th Street

More information coming soon

Van Dorn and Park

Traffic Improvement Project

The intent of this project is to improve the intersection of Park Boulevard and Van Dorn Street by installing new traffic signals and turn lanes.

  • Start: May 28, 2020
  • Completion: Nov. 2020


104th and Holdrege

This project would improve the Holdrege Street and North 104th Street Intersection with construction of a new roundabout.


In April 2019, the City of Lincoln voters approved a six-year, ¼ cent sales tax to be used for street improvements and construction. Of this new revenue to be collected starting October 1, 2019, a minimum of 25% must be apportioned to construction of new non-residential streets to promote private investment. In year one (FY 19-20), the proposed allocation represents 25% of the anticipated new revenue. In the out years, the allocation will be a minimum 25%, but the exact percentage may be subject to variation based on the project recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Transportation (ACT) and public input.

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