Beal Slough Sanitary Sewer Project Highway 2 from 33rd to 56th

Updated February 4, 2020

The purpose of this project is to provide additional sanitary sewer capacity to the wastewater collection system in order to accommodate a growing customer base. The project will include installation of a new sanitary sewer line parallel to the existing line, and replacement of an existing sanitary sewer line with a larger diameter pipe. Construction will take place along Highway 2 from South 33rd Street (behind Russ’s Market) to South 56th Street (next to Alamo Plaza).

Access During Construction

Work is not expected to impact vehicular traffic in the initial construction phase, and lane closures will be minimal if needed in the future. Specific dates and locations will be determined as construction progresses. Local access to businesses and residences will be maintained.

The Helen Boosalis Trail between South 40th and South 56th streets will be closed February 10 through March 24, 2020 when the crossing over Beal Slough is replaced as part of this project. The recommended detour is to exit the trail at South 40th or South 56th street, travel south to Old Cheney Road, follow Old Cheney Road to either South 40th or South 56th streets, then travel north to rejoin the trail

Project Area

  • Project Area

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Estimated Schedule

The project is scheduled to begin July 22, 2019 and is expected to take approximately one year to complete.

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