2019 Downtown Pavement Sealing

Scope of Work

This is a pavement preservation project intended to extend the life of the asphalt street. When the aging process is slowed early in the life cycle of the pavement, maintenance is less invasive and much less expensive. According to Federal Highway Administration data, up to 80% of pavement flexibility is lost during the first five years which leads to pavement cracking. By sealing the existing cracks and applying sealant to the entire roadway, we are able to stabilize and preserve the oil in the asphalt surface which will help retain the flexibility of the pavement and extend the life of the driving surface.

What is the Process?

First, the entire street is cleaned to ensure a clean, dry surface. Then, cracks are sealed and an asphalt sealant is placed on the entire street. It takes approximately four to six hours to dry, depending on weather conditions; streets with shade may take longer. Once the street surface is dry, pavement markings are applied.


  • “K” from 9th to 17th
  • “L” from 9th to 17th
  • “M” from 9th to 17th
  • “N” from 9th to 17th
  • “P” from 9th to 17th
  • “Q” from 10th to 17th
  • 11th from “K” to “Q”
  • 12th from “K” to “Q”
  • 13th from “K” to “R”
  • 14th from “K” to “R”
  • Centennial Mall from “M” to “P”
  • 70th from Vine to Aylesworth
  • Holdrege from 33rd to 47th
  • Holdrege from 71st to 79th
  • Project Location

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Work is anticipated to begin in May 2019 and finish by August 2019. Property owners will be notified approximately two weeks in advance of work beginning on their street.

Access During Construction

Phased construction is planned with potential roadway closures not exceeding twelve hours. The selected contractor will notify businesses and affected individuals at least three days in advance of lane and roadway closures. The city will work closely with the area to allow local traffic to pass into and through the area.

No parking will be allowed on the street while work is being completed. No parking signs will be posted 24 hours in advance of work beginning. Work is expected to take two to three days per street.

Other Information for Residents and Businesses in the Project Area

  • It is critical that you do not park on the street the day it is scheduled to be treated.
  • Please do not drive on the wet material. It will track onto driveways and/or splatter on your vehicle.
  • If you absolutely need to leave your home or business after the street has been treated, drive very slowly through the material to the untreated or dry side of the street. Drive slowly until material has worn off your tires.
  • DO NOT drive on wet material and then drive into parking garages. It will track onto the paving.
  • Please turn off sprinklers a day prior and on the day(s) your street will be done. This way the pavement will be dry and the sealant will stick and perform better.
  • Rain days and/or equipment problems may delay the work until crews are able to return.
  • We recommend you do not schedule any contractors, landscapers, or deliveries on these days.

Project Contact

  • Gaylon Masek, Construction Project Manager

    City of Lincoln, LTU Project Delivery
    Phone: 402-416-7486
    Email: gmasek@lincoln.ne.gov

  • Marc Rosso, Construction Engineer

    City of Lincoln, LTU Project Delivery
    Phone: 531-207-3244
    Email: mrosso@lincoln.ne.gov