Downtown Pavement Sealing

Scope of Work

This pavement preservation project is intended to extend the life of the asphalt street. When the aging process is slowed early in the life cycle of the pavement, maintenance is less invasive and much less expensive. According to Federal Highway Administration data, up to 80% of pavement flexibility is lost during the first five years which leads to pavement cracking. By sealing the existing cracks and applying sealant to the entire roadway, we are able to stabilize and preserve the oil in the asphalt surface which will help retain the flexibility of the pavement and extend the life of the driving surface.

What is the Process?

First, the entire street is cleaned to ensure a clean, dry surface. Then, cracks are sealed and an asphalt sealant is placed on the entire street. It takes approximately four to six hours to dry, depending on weather conditions; streets with shade may take longer. Once the street surface is dry, pavement markings are applied.


Construction on the project has been postponed indefinitely.