Waste Reduction, Reuse and Recycling Grant Program ▸ Application


Application Cover Sheet

Complete information on applicant organization including Federal Identification Number. Indicate the type of organization the applicant is as well as the type of project they are proposing. Enter the total dollar amount of the grant request. Only the authorized representative of the applicant organization should sign the cover page.


Briefly explain experience of applicant organization, its project manager and key staff in relation to the proposed project.

Project Summary

Briefly describe the project and amount of funds requested.

Project Narrative

Complete each item 3.1 through 3.10 and provide sufficient detail to adequately explain your proposed project

Project Schedule/Timeline

Describe major planned activities and tasks to successfully complete your proposed project. Include as applicable:

  • Anticipated dates for major planned activities and expenditures;
  • Bidding for services and/or equipment;
  • Training;
  • Publications and other outreach efforts;
  • Submittal of quarterly reports and the final report (required); and
  • All other related project tasks.

Project Sustainability

Describe how project would continue following grant funding.

Project Budget

Complete the Budget Form for the Grant Application.

Match – The Solid Waste Management Division requires cash or in-kind contributions equal to 20 percent of the Total Project Costs. To determine the amount of match needed:

  • Step 1. Divide requested grant amount by 0.8
  • Step 2. Subtract requested grant amount
  • Step 3. Remaining amount will be the total 20% match

Example: The applicant is requesting $10,000 in grant funds from the Solid Waste Management Division. $10,000/0.8 = $12,500 (Total Project Cost) - $10,000 (Grant Request Amount) = $2,500 (Total Required In-kind and Cash Match).

Bidding – purchases of supplies, equipment or services over $1,500 should obtain quotes or bids from vendors prior to purchase.

Documentation – Expenses for all major activities and purchases must be supported by documentation showing how each cost estimate was determined. This would be in the form of written documentation such as quotes for consultant services or equipment, letters of commitment, web site and catalog pages, or previous receipts.

Provide detailed project costs. For example, if you want to request funds for public education efforts, clearly break down the expenses by task. Final approval could be delayed if this information is not included.

For projects requesting funds to support staff salaries, a breakdown of the hourly wage per project hours anticipated for each staff person is required. Please indicate whether the rate includes fringe and/or indirect benefits and if it does, include the percentage. Please note in the budget form.

DOCUMENTATION OF MATCH FUNDS – For salary match, a letter of commitment from the authorized official is required stating the organization’s commitment to provide staff salary with the specific dollar amount indicated. Breakdown of the hourly wage per project hours anticipated for each staff person is required. Please indicate whether the rate includes fringe and/or indirect benefits and if it does, include the percentage.

For other matches such as donations or in-kind services, documentation must be provided in the form of a letter with the specific dollar amount being provided and a signature of authorized representative of contributing organization.

Project Results/Evaluation

Explain how the success of the project will be measured quantitatively and qualitatively.


Identify any project partners and their role in the proposed project. Attach letters of support from partners indicating their contribution to project.


Before submitting, review your grant application using this checklist. Applications postmarked after October 5, 2018 or received via email or fax machine after 4:30 pm will not be considered for funding.