Approved Special Provisions

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Expand General Provisions and Requirements Special ProvisionGeneral Provisions and Requirements

These Special Provisions amend or supplement the City of Lincoln Standard Specifications for Municipal Construction, 2020 Edition, and other provisions of the Contract Documents as indicated herein. All provisions that are not so amended or supplemented via these special provisions remain in full force and effect.

Expand Project TiesProject Ties

This project is tied with City of Lincoln Project #_________. In order to be eligible for award of this contract, bidders shall submit a completed bidding proposal for this project and City of Lincoln Project #_________. Award of the contracts, if awarded, will be based on the combined low bid for all contracts. Separate contracts will be awarded for each project.

Expand Pre-bid MeetingPre-bid Meeting

A pre-bid meeting will be held for this project. Attendance by Contractors or an authorized representative bidding the project is strongly recommended. The intent of the pre-bid meeting is to provide a forum for prospective bidders to ask questions of the City of Lincoln and their representatives about the project requirements and inspect the project site. It is intended that questions will be answered either at the meeting and/or through formal addendum.

Expand Tree ClearingTree Clearing

Tree clearing is prohibited during the period between March 31 and August 31 unless approved by a qualified biologist and the City’s Project Manager. If trees are to be cleared during the prohibited period, field surveys for nesting birds along with information regarding the qualifications of the biologist performing the surveys shall be thoroughly documented and maintained on file by the Contractor until completion of the project. Migratory bird surveys and compliance with the Migratory Bird Treaty Act will not be paid for directly and shall be considered subsidiary to other items for which direct payment is made.

Removal of trees prior to Beginning of Work will not count against contract time allowance provided the Contractor submits a written request per City of Lincoln Specification General Conditions & Requirements Section VII.B PDF.

Expand Tree ProtectionTree Protection

No trees have been identified for removal on this project. The Contractor shall protect all trees that are not required to be removed in this project. Where necessary, the Contractor may have to hand dig around tree to prevent damage to roots.

Any form of protection chosen by the Contractor, such as fences, ropes, etc., shall be furnished, erected, and maintained by the Contractor. Any trees that appear to have significant root damage caused by excavation or any tree that needs trimmed in or from the public right-of-way, shall be coordinated with the Project Manager or his representative who shall contact the City Arborist to verify any necessary actions in saving, trimming, or removing the damaged tree.

Tree protection completed in conformance with these Special Provisions and accepted by the City’s Project Manager, shall not be measured and paid for separately. Such cost shall be considered a part of the unit prices for which direct payment is made.

Expand Lawn Sprinkler SystemsLawn Sprinkler Systems

The Contractor shall locate, flag, and protect, existing lawn sprinkler systems located within the project area. This work shall not be paid for directly and shall be considered subsidiary to other items for which direct payment is made.

When a lawn sprinkler system is damaged due to negligence by the Contractor, it shall be repaired at the expense of the Contractor.

When a lawn sprinkler system needs to be replaced, relocated or adjusted in order to complete the Work, it shall be approved by the Project Manager and paid as an ‘Extra Work Item’.

Sprinkler repair efforts shall occur immediately following adjacent Work if it is known that damage was done to the system during Work efforts. If no visual damage occurred during construction but damage is reported by the homeowner at a later date, the Contractor shall have 7 days to repair the system affected by their work.

Expand Assignment of ContractsAssignment of Contracts

Article VI, Section L shall have the following addition:

The Contractor shall perform with his own organization contract work amounting to not less than 50 percent of the total contract amount.

No portion of the contract shall be subcontracted, assigned, or otherwise disposed of except with the written consent of the Assistant Transportation Director. Requests for permission to sublet, assign or otherwise dispose of any portion of the contract shall be in writing and accompanied by showing that the organization which will perform the work is particularly experienced and equipped for such work. The Contractor shall give assurance that the minimum wage for labor as stated in his proposal shall apply to labor performed on all work subcontracted, assigned or otherwise disposed of in any way. Consent to subcontract, assign or otherwise dispose of any portion of the contract shall not be construed to relieve the Contractor of any responsibility for the fulfillment of the contract.

In the event the Contractor permits work under this contract to be performed by forces other than by his own organization without obtaining prior written consent of the Assistant Transportation Director, such work shall be considered unauthorized and will not be paid for under the provisions of the contract.

Expand Construction StakingConstruction Staking

Article 1.01, Section A – General shall have the following addition:

This is a City of Lincoln pavement rehabilitation project. Field survey by a surveyor has not been completed. It has been designed based on City of Lincoln staff field inspections. Repair locations on plans are estimated locations only. Actual field repair limits and locations will be marked by the City. The construction staking bid item shall include all survey and calculations necessary for the Contractor to construct the project to meet existing field conditions. It is recommended that the Contractor survey any areas they feel are necessary to complete the work prior to removal.

Expand Equipment Bid ItemsEquipment Bid Items

Item includes hourly rate for use of the piece of equipment and labor to operate said equipment. Payment for DUMP TRUCK 10CY, SKID LOADER, AND FRONT END LOADER 3 CY shall be paid for at the Contractor's unit price bid per hour. Payment shall be full compensation for labor, tools, equipment, materials, and all other incidentals necessary to complete the work in accordance with the Plans.