NOI / SWPPP for Development Sites One Acre or Greater

Construction Activity is the disturbance of one acre or more of total land area and less than one acre of total land area that is part of a common plan of development or sale. Prior to land disturbance associated with construction activity, approval must be obtained by both State and local authorities.

Prior to beginning the construction activity, you must obtain authorization.

Effective December 2, 2017, the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) and the City of Lincoln (COL) have a joint online approval process for Construction Stormwater permits for large sites.

If you have a permit already in process with the City, you will continue to complete the application the old way, receiving a separate letter from the City. This new system will only be in place for NEW submissions AFTER the start date.

Any submissions after this date will be streamlined into the State system and the City will no longer accept paper submittals. Upon approval, you should receive a joint letter from both the City and the State.

PLEASE NOTE: The City of Lincoln and the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality have moved to a fully electronic system. If you are a first-time user to the web site, you must first register for an account to log in.

This fully electronic system can be found here:

Local Permit Authorization Process

To obtain both the local and State CSW-NOI, a permit application must first be submitted in the form of a Notice of Intent (NOI) to the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ).

If you are unfamiliar with the new electronic permit process, please utilize our step by step guide PDF for the NOI NDEQ/COL Application Process. This guide should identify the key components necessary for submission of the permit(s) required by the City and State as well as where to find a copy of your approved permit.

When you apply for your permit from NDEQ, anything within the Lancaster County limits will be forwarded in the software, to the City of Lincoln, for approval. If the project is within the corporate limits on the city’s tier one limit, the City will process the application. If the project is outside our jurisdiction, it will be routed back to the State for finalization, exactly as it is now.

You will be required to upload the Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) along with the information as identified in the City’s SWPPP Checklist PDF. Detailed information can also be found in Section 28.01.060 of the Lincoln Municipal Code and the Drainage Criteria Manual (DCM). The SWPPP must identify Best Management Practices (BMPs) to be implemented to control erosion, sedimentation, and pollutants. Chapter 9 PDF of the City's DCM describes requirements for SWPPPs and provides specifications for a range of BMPs.

The Construction Activity SWPPP must be prepared and signed by a qualified individual. The building phase of development for a common plan of development or sale may be covered under one SWPPP that is submitted by, and under, the control of the permittee.

Upon approval from the City, the information will be forwarded to the State in the software. The State will review and approve and a joint City of Lincoln/State of Nebraska letter of authorization should be emailed to you, just as it is in the current State system.

Local Permit Termination Process

Once the construction is complete in accordance with the design standard, the permittee shall submit a Notice of Termination.

If you are terminating an existing project, you should already have a login to the NDEQ web site. Log in and select the project you wish to terminate from the home screen.

Go to the “Listing of Existing Applications”, find the project you wish to terminate and click on the blue link to access the project information.

From the “Project Application Overview” screen, Select the Submit for Notice of Termination.

The COL CSW Notice of Termination information should appear. If you expand the small triangle next to the Final Stabilization Requirements, you should see the additional information on the requirements you need to meet.

If you meet the requirements and your project has been final inspected, confirm your information and you should see the COL CSW Notice of termination (CSW-NOT).

Upon approval, a confirmation letter confirming the project is closed, as per the City’s NOI Process, should be emailed to the applicant.


INOI / Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan for Individual Lots