Photo Registry - 2008-2010 Rain Garden Project

The The City of Lincoln Rain Garden Project grant was approved on April 2, 2008, and Lincoln residents submitted applications for a rain garden on their property. Rain gardens were installed in the fall of 2008, the spring/fall of 2009 and the spring of 2010. This project was funded by the Nebraska Environmental Trust, City of Lincoln, the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District and the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.

The rain gardens were designed and installed by Matt Morrissey at Campbell's Nursery. There are a variety of plants you can use in rain gardens, and a general list can be found in the Plant Selection for Rain Gardens in Nebraska NebGuide. The plant species chosen for these rain gardens can be found below, along with pictures of each garden. More photos will be taken as each rain garden matures and captures rainwater.

The pallet of plants is chosen from both native and hardy introduced plants. Plant material in a rain garden must be able to withstand not only saturated soils, but also periods or dry soil conditions, since they will not always be wet. You will notice numerous plants have a selected cultivar that was used. These cultivars are not necessarily specific, but rather ones that are readily available and have proven success in the home landscape. There are numerous other cultivars that would work well. For example, 'Woods Purple' aster can easily be replaced with 'Woods Pink' or 'Woods Blue'. The same can be said for plants such as daylilies, hibiscus and switch grasses. Other plants such as 'Fireworks' goldenrod, 'Miss Manners' obedient plant are chosen because of their clump-forming habit and good form.

Download Plant List (16 K) PDF

Matt Morrissey
Landscape Designer
Campbell's Nursery and Garden Center
7000 S. 56th Street
Lincoln, NE 68516


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