Map of Painted Storm Drain Locations

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This unique and educational program utilizes art to communicate the function and importance of storm drains. See the artwork in person by visiting one of these locations:

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    • Jenna Raef “Pond Scene” Location: Sunken Gardens2641 “D” St.

    • Sally Cox “Clean Water Happy Dance” Location: Antelope Park1650 Memorial Dr.

    • Abbey Ahmed “We Are All Interconnected” Location: *Lincoln Children’s Zoo1222 S 27th St.

    • Grace Gaard “Wonder of a Wetland” Location: Lincoln Children’s Zoo1222 S 27th St.

    • Richel Jordan “What Goes Around, Comes Around” Location: West HaymarketCanopy St., South of “P” St.

    • Joseph Humpal “It All Starts Here” Location: *West HaymarketCanopy St., South of “P” St.

    • Jeanie Krejci Sterns “Drainbow” Location: Lincoln Station201 N 7th St.

    • Mallory Williams “Nature's Colors” Location: Pinnacle Bank ArenaPinnacle Arena Dr. & “R” St.

    • Isabella Catalano “Keep Our Rivers Clean” Location: *Student UnionN 14th & “R” St.

    • Rosalia Roger “Splashing in Puddles” Location: *Lincoln Children’s Museum1420 “P” St.

    *Due to premature deterioration for unknown reasons, the artwork at these locations had to be removed.