Effective Wednesday, April 15, the Aging Partners office at 1005 "O" St. will be closed until further notice. All other Senior Centers in Lancaster County and the Fitness Center remain closed. All events and training programs are canceled until further notice.

Meal delivery continues and many services can be accessed by calling 402-441-7070.


I can provide services

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer, first fill out the application packet and email the completed packet to NeighborLNK@lincoln.ne.gov.

After the information is reviewed, a program representative will contact you via email or phone with the next steps.

Aging Partners staff will review all volunteer applications and assistance requests and pair people based on location and services requested. Once a match is made, both parties will be notified by phone, text, and/or email.

Background checks are necessary to protect all involved and may take up to five business days. The City of Lincoln covers the cost of the program.

As part of its volunteer training, the City will provide resources on appropriate COVID-19 social distancing practices, face covering protocols, how to stay healthy, and when to inform the City of any health concerns. Volunteers will be trained on how to provide services without being in direct contact with the participant or entering their home. Volunteers will also receive training in conducting video/phone calls with compassion, generous listening, and humility.

To support volunteers' contributions to the community, volunteers may receive ongoing support from ServiceSpace, a volunteer-run organization that leverages modern technology to support the building of enduring relationships. ServiceSpace will host regular video forums with volunteers so that volunteers have an opportunity to connect with one another, raise questions, and further develop the skills critical to the success of their paired relationships – such as deep, compassionate listening and holding space for others.

For more information, see our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact Aging Partners NeighborLNK at 402-441-7575 or NeighborLNK@lincoln.ne.gov.

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