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February 1, 2011
For More Information Contact:
Gene Hanlon, Recycling Coordinator, 402-441-7043

Residents Urged To Recycle Old License Plates

The State of Nebraska is issuing new license plates this year, and the City Recycling Office urges citizens to recycle their old ones. The aluminum plates can be recycled with aluminum cans at any City drop-off site; tossed into curbside recycling containers; or taken to a recycling buy-back center.

"If citizens don't want their old plates for memorabilia, we hope they'll recycle them instead of sending them to the landfill," said Gene Hanlon, City Recycling Coordinator. "It's also a good idea to cut them in half with tin snips to prevent theft."

A complete listing and map of all City and County recycling sites can be found at

Recycling buy-back centers accepting old license plates and paying a small amount for them include A-Can Recycling at 3255 S. 10th St. and A & J Recycling at 3250 N. 20th St., Suite 8.

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