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March 17, 2011
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Owners Of Romantix, Gourley Piano Buildings Reach Demolition Agreement

Mayor Chris Beutler today announced that the owner of the Romantix building and the owner of the Gourley Piano building have reached an agreement on the demolition of both buildings. Both parties have presented formal demolition plans to the City.

Demolition on the Gourley Piano building will begin on Monday, March 21. Because of the increased danger in demolishing the Gourley building, the City will need to close off the westbound lanes of "O" Street beginning at 7 p.m. Sunday, March 20 to facilitate demolition of the north face of the structure. The westbound lanes are scheduled to reopen Tuesday night.

The eastbound lanes will remain closed until demolition is at a level deemed safe enough to reopen them. The demolition contractor for the Gourley building expects that to take about 10 more days. While the westbound lanes of "O" Street are closed, the City will disconnect water service for the Gourley building, which requires excavation of part of the westbound lanes of "O" Street.

Although the owners have agreed to complete the demolition project, the City will keep a contractor on standby in the event that demolition stops for reasons unacceptable to the City.

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