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October 5, 2012
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Karla Welding, Solid Waste Operations, 402-441-7867

City Developing Solid Waste Management Plan

The City of Lincoln has begun efforts to develop a Solid Waste Management Plan for Lincoln and Lancaster County. The Solid Waste Plan 2040 will provide a guide for policy decisions regarding solid waste management systems, facilities and programs for the next 30 years. The development of a comprehensive, integrated solid waste management plan was identified as a key strategy in the Lincoln-Lancaster County 2040 Comprehensive Plan (LPlan 2040), adopted in October 2011.

The Solid Waste Plan 2040 is being guided by the Public Works and Utilities Department, the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department and a 20-member Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee will review the components of the plan, evaluate community input, provide guidance and feedback and propose changes.

Miki Esposito, Director of the City Public Works and Utilities Department, said the average solid waste generation rate in the City and County averages more than seven pounds per person per day. "Most of us recycle at home and work, and all of us need to get rid of garbage, so this plan will have an impact on our everyday lives," Esposito said. "The plan will address waste reduction, reuse and recycling in addition to collection, handling and disposal capacity."

More information on the plan is available on the project website at (keyword: solid waste plan) or by calling the project phone number, 402-441-7738. Esposito said public participation will be encouraged at every step in the process. The public can be involved by:

Esposito said a draft Solid Waste Management Plan is scheduled to be completed by late summer 2013. The plan will be submitted to the City-County Planning Commission, the County Board and the City Council for adoption as a subarea plan in LPlan 2040.

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