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October 27, 2015
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Take Steps Now to Prevent Frozen Pipes

With the arrival of cold temperatures, the Lincoln Water System (LWS) reminds property owners to take steps to protect pipes from freezing. LWS officials say the most common problems are associated with irrigation systems that have not been properly winterized. The pipe or backflow device can freeze and break causing costly damage and high water bills. Pipes can also freeze along exterior walls, in poorly insulated structures and in unheated basements, crawl spaces, attached garages and cabinets.

LWS recommends property owners take the following precautions:

If your pipes do freeze, LWS recommends that property owners contact a licensed plumber who can locate the problem and safely thaw and repair any broken pipes. Never use a flame or high heat device to thaw pipes as this may damage piping or cause a fire.

More information on LWS is available at (keyword: water).

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