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April 27, 2016
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Board of Health Presents Awards

The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department (LLCHD) Tuesday recognized a physician, two LLCHD employees, a restaurant, a manufacturing plant cafeteria and four agencies with Board of Health Awards. The awards were presented at the Board of Health Annual Luncheon and Awards Ceremony.

Community Health Awards were presented to the following:

The University Health Center and two of its educators -- Liam Heerten-Rodriguez and Nicole Greenwalt -- were recognized for their outstanding service to students in the field of sexual health by empowering students to make healthy, safe and responsible decisions.

The Nebraska Pharmacists Association was recognized for its efforts to expand the statewide prescription drug disposal system called the Nebraska MEDS Disposal Project.

AAA and the Cornhusker Motor Club Foundation were recognized for their efforts to reduce the number of children injured and killed in motor vehicle crashes and their work in educating citizens about vehicle-related safety.

The Public Health Leadership Award was presented to Stephen Frederick, Manager of the Health Data and Evaluation Division of LLCHD. The award goes to a trusted leader and respected policy analyst in the public health field. In his 37 years of work at the state and local level, Frederick was instrumental in establishing the State Children's Health Insurance Program, the Statewide Trauma Program, the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for Children Program and the EMS/Trauma pre-hospital and trauma data collection system. He also led LLCHD and community leaders in developing Community Health Improvement Plans.

The John J. Hanigan Award was presented to Jason A. Kruger, MD, who serves as the City's EMS Medical Director. He was recognized for his leadership in the medical field and for advocating and promoting public health in the community. Kruger advocated for statewide prescription drug monitoring program, assisted with the community response to sudden cardiac arrest and helped with disaster preparedness.

Food Sanitation Excellence Awards were presented to Cracker Barrel and Kawasaki for their exceptional inspection scores, the cleanliness of their businesses and their excellent food handling practices.

The Carole Douglas Public Health Achievement Award was presented to Gary Bergstrom, Jr., a Senior Environmental Health Specialist, who has worked for LLCHD for 12 years. He was recognized for his leadership, dedication and commitment to the Department and the community.

More information on LLCHD is available at (keyword: health).

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