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March 1, 2018
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Drivers Stop Less, Save Time With Green Light Lincoln

Phase 2 includes 50 more miles of arterials

Mayor Chris Beutler and City traffic engineering staff today said Green Light Lincoln will return $19 in benefits for every $1 invested over the next five years. The initiative uses new traffic signal, detection and monitoring equipment and new timing plans to improve safety and increase traffic flow on major streets. The City released findings today on Phase 1 of Green Light Lincoln, which included nine traffic corridors. (List at end of release.)

The Green Light Lincoln team conducted corridor tests and timed runs, which show significant declines in stops, as well as time savings. Using Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) methodologies, the phase 1 time savings will equate to annual savings of:

Mayor Beutler said Lincoln has been recognized for its low commute times and crash rates. But City officials have heard through the Taking Charge survey and other public outreach programs that residents and businesses are still frustrated about congestion and travel time.

"We all want to spend less time waiting for red lights and more time with the people and activities that matter," Beutler said. "Green Light Lincoln is an answer to that call. Our investment is paying off with smoother traffic flow, lower emissions, and big savings in time and money. It's important to continue this investment and to fund future phases of this initiative."

Most of the phase 1 corridors each carry 25,000 to 35,000 vehicles per day and make up about 33 miles of City arterial streets. Equipment was upgraded at 121 signalized intersections and pedestrian crossings.

City staff also unveiled the 12 corridors targeted for phase 2 improvements (List at end of release.) Those corridors make up about 50 miles of arterial streets and carry 18,000 to 25,000 vehicles each. Phase 2 will upgrade equipment at 146 locations.

The Green Light Lincoln signal timing project was split between three local engineering consultants: Iteris, Olsson Associates and HDR. Five local electrical contractors assisted city staff with intersection upgrades: ABC Electric, Capitol City Electric, Commonwealth Electric Company, Watts Electric Company and WCHE LLC.

More information on Green Light Lincoln is available at (keyword: GL2).

Phase 1 Corridors:

Phase 2 Corridors:

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