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July 6, 2018
For More Information Contact:
Holley Salmi, Public Works and Utilities, 402-430-6391

Citywide Asphalt Sealing Project Begins July 10

Asphalt sealing on 13 Lincoln arterial streets will begin Tuesday, July 10 and continue through the end of the month. Digital message signs will alert drivers to upcoming work and street or lane closures at least two days in advance. The full schedule of street sections and lanes closed for the project is available at (keyword: sealing).

Side street and driveway access may be limited during the application process. Motorists should not drive on streets until they have been reopened to avoid tracking and getting sealant on vehicles. Application at each locations is expected to take one day. Dry conditions are necessary for successful application, making the project schedule heavily-dependent on weather.

Streets will be treated in the following order:

The project includes crack and surface sealing and installing new pavement markings on asphalt streets between seven and eight years of age. Sealing the street prevents further cracking and potholes by reducing the potential for weather damage. Investments in regular and preventive maintenance on relatively new streets extends the life of the driving surface.

For more information, contact James Puls, Public Works and Utilities, 402-525-5641 or Current information on street closures is available at (keyword: closures) or through the Waze mobile app.

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