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October 17, 2018
For More Information Contact:
Holley Salmi, Public Work and Utilities, 402-441-7537

City Replaces Two Closed Recycling Sites

Residents continue to increase volume of recycling

The City has opened two new multi-material recycling sites to replace locations that closed. Lincoln and Lancaster County residents now have 29 recycling drop-off sites, including these new locations:

Donna Garden, Lincoln Public Works and Utilities Assistant Director, said cardboard recycling at drop-off sites has grown 100 percent compared to volumes recycled prior to the cardboard ban enacted in April. When recycling cardboard, please remember to:

Garden said residents are recycling other materials at higher rates too, based on frequency of pickups and the amount of material going to processors from drop-off sites. In addition to cardboard, multi-material recycling sites accept newspapers, aluminum, tin, glass bottles, jars, plastic bottles and residential mixed paper.

The City is promoting recycling with "Take it to the Bin" and "Be a Recycling Champion" educational campaigns that encourage residents and businesses to start or expand their recycling efforts. For more information on the campaigns and recycling guidelines, visit or call the City Recycling Office at 402-441-8215.

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