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November 9, 2018
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Mayor Beutler's Statement on Election

"Lincoln can take pride in the tremendous turnout for the recent election. While the result of the term limits vote is disappointing, I believe the next Mayor of our great City will share my commitment to moving the City forward with continued investments in public safety, infrastructure and the services that enhance our quality of life.

"I want to thank the people of Lincoln for giving me 12 years as Mayor, a privilege they have granted no other. It has been a time of historic growth and prosperity because all sectors of the community have worked together to build a better City. A highlight was certainly the community consensus on the arena project. That was a turning point for our City, a catalyst that has led to tremendous excitement, optimism and investment. We must not lose the tremendous momentum we have created together.

"The next Mayor of Lincoln will take the oath of office in May. Between now and then, my Administration and I will continue to work hard to set the stage for that Mayor to be successful.

"Another highlight of my administration has been interacting with the young people of our community. As the future leaders and voters, they will have the opportunity to correct the mistakes made by this Mayor and this generation. American democracy is hard. We sometimes take a few steps back before we regain our footing. But American democracy miraculously redeems and renews itself, and the amazing history of our great nation shows continued, sustained progress over the long term. I believe that the state of our City, State and Nation will continue to be strong as long as the people continue to believe in democracy, in our common interests and in each other's good intentions."

Mayor's Office
Media Releases