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December 18, 2018
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JPA Proposes Two Projects to Continue Development of West and South Haymarket

The West Haymarket Joint Public Agency (JPA) is seeking public input on two development proposals:

The two projects -- the purchase and the sale -- will be on the JPA's agenda for its next meeting at 2:30 p.m. Thursday December 27 in the City Council Chambers, 555 S. 10th Street. The meeting will include a public hearing on both proposals. Mayor Chris Beutler is Chair of the JPA, and the other two members are City Councilman Carl Eskridge and University of Nebraska Regent Tim Clare.

Mayor Beutler said the two proposed project could help complete the original West Haymarket vision with Pinnacle Bank Arena on the north and a park, plaza and trail hub on the south to serve new residents of the area and to be a catalyst for redevelopment.

"Together, these two projects represent the continuation of the successful West Haymarket buildout and a critical first step for the future of the area south of 'N' Street," Beutler said. "We have found our past success through public private partnerships, and that is the model we feel is the best way to meet our community vision. We also know that model works best with community input, so we look forward to hearing from the public on these two exciting proposals."

In addition to the JPA public hearing, residents can comment on the proposals in two ways:

The JPA would purchase the former Jacobson Cold Storage property on the southwest corner of 7th and "N" streets for just over $2 million. Eskridge said the development of a South Haymarket park supports the new Downtown Master Plan unanimously approved by the City Council Monday night.

"The plan outlines eight specific catalyst projects to support downtown as the center of opportunity by spurring redevelopment, stimulating economic growth, and enhancing cultural amenities," Eskridge said. "The purchase of the property at 7th and 'N' streets would help us to jumpstart the first of those catalyst projects: the signature urban park, plaza, and trail."

Clare said the rapid development of the West Haymarket would not have happened without the vision, leadership and hard work of the businesses and entrepreneurs who partnered with the JPA on the numerous projects.

"As members of the JPA, we take very seriously our duty to ensure that we have the budget to complete the West Haymarket buildout," Clare said. "At the same time, we have an obligation to make sure that our community is receiving good value from the JPA's investments. That's why we are carefully reviewing both proposals - the purchase of the Jacobson property and the sale of the property north of Hudl. That sale would return $1.5 million to the JPA and lead to new construction and new private sector investment to create job and build our local economy."

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