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April 12, 2019
Media Contact:
Brian Kramer, Supt. of Wastewater Collection, 402-441-7961
Mike Mandery, Asst. Supt. of Wastewater Collection, 402-441-7961

City Crews Stop Wastewater Sewer Line Overflow

The Wastewater Division of the Lincoln Transportation and Utilities Department removed a blockage in a wastewater sewer line this afternoon that led to an overflow and release of wastewater from a manhole near the intersection of Fulton Avenue and North 60th Street. Wastewater staff discovered a large quantity of unknown debris blocking the pipeline. The overflow traveled for about 125 feet to the nearest storm inlet.

Wastewater received a call about 1:30 pm today about the overflow. City crews immediately began work to contain and stop the overflow and remove the obstruction in the line. The volume of the overflow was estimated at about 500 gallons. The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department was informed about the stoppage and assisted with the cleanup.

For more information on this notification contact Mike Mandery or Brian Kramer, Lincoln Wastewater System, at 402-441-7961. More information on wastewater operations is available at (keyword: wastewater).

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