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May 9, 2019
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Kitty Elliott, LTU Communications, 402-441-8469

City Announces Latest Green Light Lincoln Results

Mayor Chris Beutler and Lincoln Transportation and Utilities staff today said that the City's Green Light Lincoln initiative continues to save Lincoln drivers millions of dollars and thousands of hours of travel time. The multi-phase initiative improves safety and enhances traffic flow on major streets by upgrading traffic signal equipment and signal timing plans. The Phase 2 final report for Green Light Lincoln, which included 12 traffic corridors, is available at (keyword: GL2). Corridor and area lists are at the end of the release.

With the two phases complete, motorists will annually save $17.6 million through fuel reduction and time savings, and eliminate 111,000 kilograms of greenhouse gasses.

"Time spent in traffic is time better spent with our families and in our favorite activities," Beutler said. "The data is clear: Green Light Lincoln is giving us back that time. And the City's investment is paying off with smoother traffic flow, lower emissions, and big savings in time and money. I'm excited to see what impact the program has on our downtown district."

The Green Light Lincoln team is a partnership of city engineers, signal technicians, private sector consultants, and local electrical contractors. The team conducted corridor evaluations and travel time runs, which show significant declines in vehicle stops, resulting in travel time savings.

Most of the Phase 2 corridors each carry 18,000 to 25,000 vehicles per day and make up about 50 miles of City arterial streets. In Phase 2, the City upgraded equipment and signal timings at 146 signalized intersections and pedestrian crossings. Combined with Phase 1 work, the total number of upgrades is now 235. Phase 2 improvements equate to:

Phase 3 improvements have begun and focus on the downtown central business district. Phase 3 goals include maintaining traffic flow while ensuring that all modes of transportation (walking, biking, riding the bus or driving) safely and consistently arrive at destinations. Signal timing and equipment upgrades are planned at more than 80 signalized locations encompassing 240 blocks from 8th to 17th streets, between "A" and "Q" streets.

Phase 2 of Green Light Lincoln was successfully completed under a partnership between Lincoln Transportation and Utilities, and three local engineering consultants: Olsson, FHU and HDR. Four local electrical contractors assisted city staff with signal equipment upgrades: Capitol City Electric, Commonwealth Electric Company, Watts Electric Company and WCHE LLC.

More information on Green Light Lincoln is available at (keyword: GL2).

Phase 2 corridors:

Phase 3 areas:

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