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Long Grass Maintenance Areas

Our land management practices have changed in recent years in order to match our maintenance levels and available funds. We are now finding it necessary to include long grass areas in locations with higher visibility.

These long grass areas save money in staff time and equipment as well as fuel, fertilizer and chemical usage. In many areas, native plants will naturally replace existing grasses and selected areas will be re-seeded to establish native species, providing a natural habitat for wildlife.

It is important to us that the citizens of Lincoln have a quality experience in our parks. We strive to strike a balance between long grass areas and areas with more intensive management. Below are the park locations that include areas of long grass areas for the 2013 mowing season, as funded in the 2012-2014 budget. If you have concerns about an area, please call 402-441-7847.

Park Locations

34th & Madison Park
45th & Gladstone Park
Arnold Heights Park
Ballard Park
Belmont Park
Bethany Park
Bishop Heights Park
Bowling Lake Park
Coddington Park
Colonial Hills Park
Country View Park
Cripple Creek Park
Densmore Park
Easterday Park
Eden Park
Edenton South Park
Filbert Park
Folsom Park
Henry Park
Herbert Park
Highlands Park
Highlands South Park
Idylwild Park
Irvingdale Park
Kahoa Park
Keech Park
Larson Park
Lintel Park
Madison Park
McAdams Park
Midtown Commons Park
Neighbors Park
Olympic Heights Park
Pansing Park
Pentzer Park
Peterson Park
Phares Park - Map Coming Soon
Piedmont Park
Pine Lake Park
Pioneers Park
Roberts Park
Roose Park
Roper Park
Rudge Park
Seacrest Park
Standing Bear Park
Stuhr Park
Sunrise Park
Taylor Park
Tierra Park
Trendwood Park
Tyrrell Park
Van Dorn Park
West Lincoln Park
Williamsburg Park
Woods Park


Categories and Explainations

  • League Sports Fields:  
    These include baseball, softball and soccer fields, and are mowed 1-2 times per week.
  • Mowed Areas:  
    These are more active park areas that are mowed every 14 days during the peak growing season (approximately April to June). Reinstated Mowed Areas are locations in parks that were converted to Long Grass in 2011, but are being reinstated to a more frequent mowing schedule in 2013.
  • Long Grass:  
    These are more natural, passive use open space areas and stream buffers in parks that are mowed 3 times each growing season. In many cases, these areas will be transitioned to Prairie in the Park in the future.
  • Prairie in the Park:  
    These are natural, open space areas in parks that are planted with native prairie grasses and wildflowers and mowed 1 time each growing season once established.
  • Other Un-Mowed Areas:  
    These are un-mowed areas that are comprised of woodlands, wetlands, planting beds, or rain gardens.