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We are always making improvements to our trails system.  Check back often for updates on our current and future projects. 

Trail Closures and Expansions to Start in April

Beginning Monday, April 11, the Ben Verley and Harrington trails at the Pioneers Park Nature Center will be closed for the construction on a new bridge as part of a new trail connection. The trails are expected to remain closed through August.

Recent closures, construction and pavement repair affecting trails

  • The City of Lincoln will begin construction the week of September 21, 2015 on a concrete pavement repair project along 84th St. between Elizabeth Drive and Market Drive. Initial phases of the construction will begin the week of September 21, 2015 and will be completed by November 2015. In the spring of 2016 work will begin again as an asphalt overlay is added to several areas of 84th street. All lanes will be open during the winter months. There may be some intersections where the 84th street trail will be impacted while curb ramps are replaced.

  • Trail closures due to recent flooding - updated 7/25/16

    We fully understand everyone's concerns regarding the trails and know they have become major transportation routes for many. We are making every effort to get them open, however we have been slow to proceed until we get answers from FEMA as to what will be covered. FEMA has declared the spring flooding to be a Federal disaster and there will be Federal aid available for repairs.

    We also appreciate the assistance we have received from the many individuals who have offered to volunteer to help repair the trails. If we could use them to make the repairs, we would definitely have taken everyone up on their offer. The challenge we have is the repairs require the use of heavy equipment to do it right. The Jamaica North Trail crushed limestone requires an installation process similar to the installation of asphalt which requires heavy equipment to evenly distribute the limestone and then even heavier equipment to get it packed so there isn't loose limestone. Watershed Management has initiated a project to address the under passes of 84th and Old Cheney Roads along the Billy Wolff trail in order to decrease the sediment that collects at both of those sites. The Bison Trail is open, but will close for a few days for some grading a concrete work. Watch this web page for dates.

    The Salt Creek Levee Trail extension from Charleston so N. 14th Street is now open. It will close for one day later this fall for final work to drainage.

    • Wilderness Park: Trails in Wilderness Park are open from the north end to S 14th Street. Horse trails east of South 14th Street (east side of Salt Creek) and hiking trail north of Saltillo Road and east of Salt Creek, are open, however, hiking and biking trail between Salt Creek and the Jamaica North Trail will remain closed until after the recovery work has been completed on the Jamaica North Trail this fall.

    • Jamaica North: Due to heavy flooding along the Salt Creek floodplain, the Jamaica North Trail south of Pioneers Blvd is closed to the public. This entire stretch of trail has been impacted by storm water flows with portions of the trail being completely wiped out. Construction will begin in August, with sections north of Old Cheney and south of Saltillo Road to be completed first. The project will be completed this fall.

    • Additional Flood Issues: Trail users are encouraged to take care on wet or muddy trails that may be difficult to negotiate. Silt deposited on trails can be extremely slick when re-wetted by additional rain. Never cross a trail that is underwater. It is difficult to tell how deep water is and it is possible there may be a damaged trail beneath it. Every effort will be made to clear trails as quickly as possible and bring them back to full use.

    Current projects include:

    • Stonebridge Trail: This trail will provide a connection with the Stonebridge development north of I-80 between Humphrey and Alvo Rd. and east of 14th. When complete, the trail will provide a connection from 14th and Humphrey and the Alvo Rd. Trail west of 14th Streets. It will also connect Schoo Middle School in Fallbrook with Koozer Elementary near Stonebridge. It is expected this trail will be under construction the summer of 2016.

    • Cavett Connector Trail & Tierra/Williamsburg Trail: We are proceeding with final design of the Cavett Connector Trail that will connect the Tierra/Williamsburg trail where currently ends at San Mateo Dr. and will proceed south adjacent to Cavett Elementary School and through the neighborhood eventually connecting with the Yankee Hill Trail near 34th and Yankee Hill. This project is in the ROW phase.

    • Sheridan Street Penny Bridges project: This trail is open, however, some drainage issues along this segment persist. Public Works Watershed Management and Parks and Recreation are working together to develop a solution that will address the standing water along the trail.

    • Yankee Hill Trail (between 70th and 91st): This is a Public Works Project that will provide a trail along Yankee Hill and a connection with a new Middle School at 84th and Yankee Hill. This project will be constructed when Yankee Hill is improved. Expected completion is August 2017.

    • Pioneers Park Trail – Phase III: is currently under construction. in the initial phase of design. This project will provide a connection along the southern edge of Pioneers Park with the western edge of the park. Expected completion is August 2016.

    • Superior Street Trail (from I-180 to N 27th Street): Construction in the area between Interstate 180 and N 14th Street will begin on Friday, May 27, and continue through early July. Work between N 14th Street and N 27th Street will begin in July and go through early October. During this time detours are available along North 1st Street Trail, and on-street bike routes on Adams St., N 11th Street, Manatt Street, Hartley Street and Fairfield Street, and the Salt Creek Levee Trail from N 27th Street to Superior Street at about N 31st Street. Please visit to view the trail map or use the route planning tool. The 14th Street Trail will remain open through the Superior Street roundabout, providing access to Goodrich Middle School.