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Little Salt Springs

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Little Salt Springs WMA is a 123 acre irregular tract of land located Southwest of NW 12th street and Branched Oak Road. The property was purchased by the LPSNRD in 2007 and contains the furthest north range of the Eastern Saline Wetlands in the Little Salt Creek watershed. The features of this property include nine acres of Category I and III saline wetlands, Little Salt Creek transverses the property for over .5 mile, contains approximately 20 acres of conservation reserve, has nearly 32 acres of freshwater wetlands and riparian areas, and over 65 acres are located in the floodplain.

In 2008, the 63 acres of former cropland on the site were planted with high-diversity mesic and upland prairie seed mix to provide a buffer for the wetlands and stream corridor on the property. The WMA is open year-round for fishing, hiking, wildlife watching, camping and seasonal hunting and trapping. A parking lot is located along Branched Oak Road on the northern border of the property.

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