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Little Salt Fork Marsh Preserve

Little Salt Fork MarshSince 2013, Owned by The Nature Conservancy the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District has owned the Little Salt Fork Marsh Preserve. The area consists of saline wetlands and open prairie. It is located 2 miles east of Raymond at the intersection of 1st and Raymond Road in Lancaster County.

Restoration for this site began in 1995 when the previous conservation owner The Nature Conservancy purchased a 60-acre tract. About this same time the Burlington Northern Railroad Company was in the process of creating the first wetland mitigation bank in the state. Together the two entities forged an agreement for the restoration, enhancement and expansion of the Little Salt Fork Marsh Preserve into a 180-acre nature preserve. Construction was completed in 1997.

In 2010, the Lower Platte South NRD purchased the Allen Parcel, which was adjacent to the north of the Little Salt Fork Marsh Preserve. This parcel consist of roughly 66 acres of which 27 acres are Category 1 saline wetland. Today, the parcel is included in the Little Salt Fork Marsh Preserve. The total area of this site is approximately 240 acres.

Little Salt Fork Marsh Preserve provides a habitat for a variety of saline wetland plants and wildlife. It is a frequent stop over for many shorebirds and migratory waterfowl. Saline plants found on this site include the state endangered saltwort plant.

The area is open year-round for fishing, hiking, wildlife watching, camping and seasonal hunting and trapping.

Little Salt Fork MarshLittle Salt Fork Marsh