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Visit the Saline Wetlands

The saline wetland areas are open to the public.  Download PDFClick here for a map of the saline wetlands in Lancaster County.  You can also follow the links below for photos and more information on specific locations.

Do your part in protecting the saline wetlands by following these simple guidelines when visiting the areas:

  • Casual clothing (in general: long pants, heavy socks, comfortable walking shoes) is recommended. During the hotter months shorts may be acceptable depending on the activity.
  • Insect repellent is advisable during certain seasons.
  • Where provided, it is recommended to stay on trails or within designated areas only.
  • All visitors to the saline wetlands are expected to practice good stewardship of the environment.
  • Please and pick up and remove trash and do not collect plants or harm wildlife.
  • Adequate adult supervision is recommended for children visiting these areas.
  • Unless otherwise posted, open fires and grills, including gas grills, are prohibited.