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Whitehead Saline Wetlands

WhiteheadLocated just south of Interstate 80 and east of 27th Street the Whitehead Saline Wetland is maintained by the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District (LPSNRD). The Whitehead Oil Company donated the 100-acre site to the LPSNRD in 1996. The site was successfully restored by the LPSNRD to preserve the rare saline wetlands and their ecosystems. The restoration project included the rehabilitation/replacement of an existing drop structure adjacent to Little Salt Creek and incorporating a water control structure to provide management capabilities that would support the existing wetland system. The project also included sediment removal along 28th street and raising the existing berm to improve access.

Whitehead Saline Wetlands contains a variety of saline wetland plants and animals, including the state endangered saltwort plant, which utilizes this vital habitat. In 2009, an observation deck was constructed along 28th Street, overlooking the wetland area. Informational panels and benches are located on the deck for visitors to learn about the saline wetlands and the wetland's native plants and animals, and to relax and view the wetland area.

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